The use of mother of pearl allows to embellish and  to offer an undisputed added value to furniture and furnishings in general. Its thin sheet processing lends itself both in the combined inlay decoration and wood essences, and as a covering of entire surfaces or in the 3D inlay where the decoration is placed in relief with respect to the background surface (Notturno Veneziano Line) such as gold leaf, laminates etc. In this case we produce a range of six different mother-of-pearls types for a total range of 60 colours. Mosaic work (Musiva Line), on the other hand, is indicated for covering surfaces such as doors, drawer fronts, table tops, mirrors, consoles and desks. In this case, the surface affected by the mother-of-pearl may have well-defined tesserae geometries such as squares, rectangles, rhombuses, triangles, etc. and in this case it will be possible to use only the natural colors of the six types of mother-of-pearl we use.