Marco Zanin’s (alias Zamar), works of art always present mother-of-pearl as the undisputed protagonist, a material so fascinating and precious that it deserves the nickname of “wall jewels”. Here the colors come to life and become a blaze of sparkling lights. The iridescence and depth of mother-of-pearl enhance the colour, sometimes giving it shape within mosai tiles that create essential and minimalist geometries, sometimes arabesque textures where gold, crystals and precious stones are also used. According to Vittorio Sgarbi “Marco Zanin is a Venetian artist who has a sense of order, of measure, of geometry as well as he represented the horse race, for example, he arranges it according to a mosaic scheme, the invention of a person who does not think to make art in a sloppy or fast way but in a very reflective and concentrated way” (Vittorio Sgarbi, art critic and Minister of Cultural Heritage).