Mother-of-Pearl Coverings


The ZANIN company was founded in 1972. Firstly specialized in the restoration of historic buildings in Venice, at the beginning of the 90s, it developed  anche changed moving into prestigious building, in that moment the MIR brand was created and the homonymous company was founded with the production of artistic coatings. At the beginning of 2000 the company expanded, thank to the collaboration of some mosaicists, painters and sculptors of national and international fame and in 2004 Marco and Letizia gave life to the “luxury project” with the creation of mother-of-pearl coverings. This is how the ZANIN Venezia 1972 brand was born, which today shows a company specialized at all levels in the use of this precious material: from coverings in luxurious yachts and prestigious villas, to the creation of furnishing accessories and workmanship for high fashion .