The work presented, entitled “the new frontiers of discrimination” is created with a mixed technique which shows the versatility of mother-of-pearl with different materials. The painting is ideally divided into two parts, the “pass”, entirely imprinted on sheets of natural iridescent mother-of-pearl on which semi-precious stones have been superimposed which enhance the background and the self-portrait image on raw jute: a combination of opposites between luxury absolute and the abstract symbolism of the price of compromise and an ideal of freedom.

Only the part that depicts the “opposite choice” was created in mother-of-pearl on a steel “matrix”, the condescending acceptance of a discrimination that also has a price and which remains suspended between these two opposing worlds. Where reality and unreality merge where luxury is random, but the value of freedom is undisputed.

All Marco Zanin’s works of, between reflections and the sparkling and iridescent lights of mother-of-pearl, absolute protagonist of his works, always hide the strong contrast and a dicotomy often absolute, which lies between the two worlds,the one of luxury and that of the “raw” world, certainly less sparkling, but which hides inestimable human value in its plots.

On the sidelines, the iridescent and chameleon-like strength of mother-of-pearl is shown, adapting to different styles in the world of luxury or everyday life in which art becomes an element of furniture and timeless style.

* The work was selected to participate in the HUMAN RIGHTS? #NO-GAP exhibition and exhibited from 11 June to 11 October 2022 at the CAMPANA DEI CADUTI FOUNDATION and AIAPI (International Association of Plastic Arts Italy). Curated by Roberto Ronca and organized by Debora Salardi with 150 artists from 31 nations against discrimination.

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